It was an indian summer morning. The PAX dusted off their summer gear and met in the gloom behind enemy lines.

The Thang:

warm up with a run around the park, SSH x 25, CK Mornings x 15

Run to hill. The goal: 100 LBCs. Each man runs to the top of the hill and performs 10 merkins while the remaining pax LBC it at the bottom. We did two rounds for 20 merkins and 100 LBCs.

Run to outhouse for a round of wall planks

Tun to spider web for a rotation of the web. Plank walk around with 5 inverted rows at each break.

Run to wall for squat jumps x 5, inclines x 10, more jumps x 5.

To the hill for the stopwatch. Many grunts were heard.

run back to grassy field for first round of mary.

Six inch leg hold while each pax did a cadence of 7 (for a cadence of 28), Rosalitas x 15, WWII x 35.

chilcut sarkozy and putins with knees to elbows.

Run back to outhouse for the people’s balls. People’s chair for 30 seconds by YHC’s watch followed by balls to the wall (or handstand if you’re so inclined) for 10 count.

Dips x 15

Inclined merkins x 10

Decline planks for 10, plus five count decline low plank hold

Back to the hill for a downhill descent. It was not that wise, but nonetheless we performed a decline plank walk down the hill until it was too steep/slippery for YHC to complete.

Final Mary with HDs, Rosas, holds, and oblique crunches.



Thanks to the PAX for following along. I assume I left something out, but you guys did great. We ran all over the park and did not ONE rest count. Good work!

Tclaps to Howard for posting in full winter garb and keeping it on the entire time. #oldmanstrong

Welcome Back to CK and Kupec. We have missed you. Everyone is now charged with doing the ole’ EH to get some new guys out.