The shovel flag waved bravely as 21 PAX gathered to meet the new month with a 1/2 Murph.

The Thang:

Warm up with SSH x 25, Imperial Walker x 15 and Mountain Climbers x 20.  YHC kept calling the wrong exercise and thoroughly confused the PAX right from the beginning.  We were off to a great start!

The PAX then headed off for a 1/2 Murph…1/2 mile run on the train tracks around the pond, 50 pullups, 100 pushups, 150 squats, finish with another lap around the pond.  Plenty of Larry Birding right from the start by Grease Monkey and more to follow by many of the PAX.  T-claps to Grease Monkey and Johnny Utah (other too?) for doing full pullups, not just inverted rows.

Quick Q handoff to Pacman as YHC raced to the men’s room for emergency evacuation of contents of the previous night’s taste testing.  Soooo glad they had them unlocked early instead of the normal 8am opening.  Would have been really embarrassing otherwise…

Pacman proceeded to dish-out the beat-down with two rounds of the inaugural running of the Bear Run.   PAX paired off and did sprints around the parking lot.  The winner of the sprint does an exercise of choice while the loser gets 15 burners/burpees.  Second round the loser gets a two second head start.  Pax then ambles over to the picnic tables for some dips (x15) and knee-ups (x15).  Great first Q by Pacman, many more to follow!

Next mozy back to the amphitheater for some fart and spit testing…make that Spartan Fit testing.  1 minute max reps of burpees, prisoner squat jumps, merkins, jumping lunges, and flutters.  30 second rest between each.

Little bit of Mary for fun.  Freddy Mercury x20, WWII situps x20, Rosalita’s x20, planks x20.

Finish with a dash of Dizzy Merkins…2 merkins, roll forward, 2 merkins, roll left, 2 merkins, roll right, 2 merkins roll backward, repeat.



  • Great job by Pacman on his first Q.  When YHC emerged from the outhouse and regrouped with the PAX, Pacman had dished out a heaping of pain.  Well done!
  • Great job by all on the 1/2 Murph.  I think 1/5/13 will be time to resume the full Murph in all it’s glory!
  • I hope the PAX appreciated the fact that I left the tights at home this morning, even though it was not my intention.  You can thank M Floppy for washing them the night before, but not putting them in the dryer.

See you in the gloom!