And so it was. 23 pax circled up for a brief COP warmup when, out of the gloomy humid fog rode a man on a bike. It…was Walkie Talkie. A little backstory. Several months ago this guy showed up North Hills Park one fine Monday morning and proceeded to talk through the entire workout. This wasn’t our usual #mumblechatter. It was random, constant jibber jabber about anything and everything. Thus he was christened Walkie Talkie. For those of us who live in the neighborhood, he is a regular. He lives with his folks on Currituck and helps neighbors out with all sorts of chores. An overall good guy to have around. But the talking. Anyway, he rides up, hops off his bike, and immediately assumes a plank position in the circle, so #carryon.

SSH x 40
Slow merkin x 15(about hallway through Walkie Talkie hops up and peaced out. Gone, like Keyser Soze in “The Usual Suspects”).

Count off and remember if odd or even. Follow me to Pamlico. 2 column, fast paced Indian Run down Pamlico, up Rowan, across Six Forks, right on Camelot, right on Lassiter Mill, into the parking lot of the First Citizens yurt. If you don’t know what a yurt is look it up. You’ll get the correlation. Odds bear crawl around the building, sprint up the long stairs, 10 burpees at the top, run down opposite stairs, 25 monkey humpers. Evens, start with the monkey humpers and follow the same course. Plankarama. Repeat 3 times.

Follow me to ramped parking lot across Lassiter Mill. Stay in odd/even groups. Evens stay put at the bottom and do AMRAP squats while odds sprint up parking lot and do 20 reps of exercise called by evens. Flapjack several times. Exercises included boat/canoe, merkins, fly merkins, burpees, box cutters, star jumps.


Follow me back across Six Forks and sprint back to JC Penney.

American Hammer x 40
Rosalita x 20
LBC x 40(alas, Walkie Talkie appears out of nowhere to finish up with us. Hilarious)

Strong work. Sorry for the BB delay. I guess you can say I #fartsacked on the backblast.
First time as Q since becoming site Q of Urban Jungle. Fun stuff. Please ask to Q if you haven’t. I’ll split the time with you if it’s your first time. A couple of new workouts coming in August. Expansion in Pinehurst area, Richmond coming up. Please consider posting at the Healing Place or Metamorphosis. Strong reading in the backblast from Metamorphosis last week. As much as we may think to the contrary, our lives are not hard. These two workouts will help open your eyes to “hard”. I posted at the Healong Place for the first time a couple weeks ago and plan on posting at Metamorphosis soon. Please do the same. See you in the gloom. Aye!