Today’s workout was a string of pearls style with a series of sprints interrupted by varying merkins, squats, and lunges.  Warm up consisted of 25-Side Straddle Hops, 20-Mountain Climbers, 15-Standard Merkins, 15-Good Mornings, 20-Crossover Imperial Walkers

The main component of the workout consisted of sprinting in two groups up the hills that lead up from the lake and to the lake from the parking lot and across the dam.  Stops at the base of each hill and the halfway point on the dam for a round of exercises.  Take off again once the second group reaches the first.  We did two rounds (maybe three, I can’t recall) and then jogged over to the field with the pull up bars.  Circled up with each man calling out a mary or other exercise while two guys did ten pull ups each.  Continued along until most of the group had called an exercise and all of the group had performed ten pull ups.  Indian Run back across dam and down to parking lot for COT