28 pax gathered at North Hills park on Monday morning eager for a gauntlet on the hill.

At 5:45, with no FNG’s, and a lackluster disclaimer, we were off.

The Thang…

Run to upper lot

SSH x20
Good Mornings x 15

Partner up

Instructions were to complete as much of the following set as possible before time ran out.

Run down to rock pile

Partner A grabs a rock and runs to the top of Sisyphus
Partner B does 10 Burpees then runs to the top

At the top of Sisyphus, 50 hand release merkins between partners

Flapjack and repeat until each partner has brought 2 rocks to the top of Sisyphus

Once partners have 4 rocks total at the top, each partner takes 1 rock at a time back to the pile.

First to finish leads mary until all pax finish or time runs out.


Strong work by everyone. YHC got some dirty looks from the pax mid hill climb. Always a great to see mid workout.

6 trips up Sisyphus, two with a rock, and 100 hand release merkins were done by most.

Always an honor to lead you men.