All the weather forecasters completely missed the call. All F3 Triangle Saturday operations cancelled with anticipation of 6″-12″ snow. Reality of 1″-2″ of frozen sleet awaited. YHC tested the roads early and followed through with the plan announced at DZ.

YHC posted the Flag, Hermes arrived, and Term Paper tarried, and then arrived at 7:05 – he choose not to follow the “drop pin” while Hermes and Banjo made several rounds through the deck. Pax of 3 were off.

In the parking deck, jog down to bottom, back up, down, and then up for modified “Ladder” with ascending/ descending testicle cable merkins at the top of the ramp on each pass to bottom or to top; ladder exercise at bottom of ramp on each pass.

Turn 1: 5 Squats
Turn 2: 5 Squats. 6 Star jumps.
Turn 3: 5 Squats. 6 Star jumps. 7Dips.
And so on to turn 17: 5 Squats. 6 Star jumps. 7 Dips. 8 LBCs. 9 Box jumps. 10 Crab kickers. 11 Jump lunges. 12 WWII’s. 13 ct x 3 Low plank hold, 14 V-ups. 15 – 180 degree jumps. 16 Hammers. 17 ct x 3 superman pulses

Finish where we started.

COT: Renegade “CSAUP” ops, Straight up fellowship, you had to be there.

Announcements: Something about K2C

Prayers: Everyone with issues due to weather

Hermes took us out.

65   Squats
72   Star Jumps
77   Dips
80   LBCs
81   Box Jumps
80   Crab Kickers
77   Jump Lunges
72   WWII’s
65   Low Plank Hold
56   V-Ups
45   180 Degree Jumps
32   Hammers
17   Superman Pulses
429 Merkins [but there was lots of failure]
2     Approximate total mileage