4 PAX trudged up to the top of the parking deck for their weekly dose of 4:50AM pain.

The Thang:

Jog up to the tip-top of the deck for some COP, mule kicks and high-knees along the way:
Arm circles
Windmills x 10
IW x 10
Mountain climbers x 20

Down the parking deck:
Run half the long straight, then high knees 1/4, mule kicks 1/4
At the corner, merkins x 10, jump lunges x 10, flutter kicks x 10
Bear crawl the short straight
Repeato x several (5 sets of corners, I think)

Up the parking deck:
Backwards run the long straight
At the corners, extreme decline merkins (partner holds feet up) x 10, 180 degree squat jumps, Dollies x 20
Frog jump/inch-worm pushups the short straight
Repeato x a few (3 corners, maybe)

Jog up to the top deck:
Pullups x 10, one man spots, the rest box jumps, then rotate

Mary (each man chooses an exercise):
Russian hammers
Leg raise boxes
Reverse crunches
Skydivers x 10 count around the circle


– Tclaps to Doogie for showing up on his vacation.
– Floyd tried to start the COT early, in the middle of the up the deck phase.  I don’t know if this was a ploy to stop the pain, or if his brain wasn’t getting enough oxygen, but either way it was unsuccessful – the pain continued and Floyd is still living.
– On that note, tclaps to Floyd for being down to a svelt 228 lbs, 12 lbs down from his pre-F3 weight.  If only MFloyd would start noticing…