The shovel flag was planted as the PAX of 13 reluctantly crouched at the starting line, engines pumping. Igniter was prepped and ready to shine a light and the accellerant patiently waited their turn to motivate us through the home stretch. Don’t venture into the dark without something to guide you……

The Thang:

 Indian Run on Davidson Street (Lamp Leads)


SSH x 25, Imperial Walkers x 25, Moutain Climbers x 20, Merkins x 15

“Sprint Ladder 7”

Squat jumps at one end, burpees at the other. Start at six squat jumps and one burpee decreasing jumps increasing, burpees. Sprint from jumps to burpees, karaoke back.

“Buffaloe Roam”

Partner up. Partner 1 runs the cemetery loop while Partner 2 exercises AMRAP style, tag and rotate.

Exercises: Plank Jacks, Carolina Dry Docks, Cross Fit Merkins, Sarkozy & Putin

Jog to Shelter and grab a bench (Tony Robbins leads)

“Pot Luck”

Dips x 25, Incline Merkins x 25, Left Right Step Ups x 15 each

Dips x 20, Decline Merkins x 20, Left Right Step Ups x 15 each

6 Minutes of Mary with major OT

WW2 Sit Ups x 25, LBCs x 25, Freddie Mercury x 25, Oblique Crunches x 25, Rosalitas x 25, Homer to Marge x 15, 6 Inch Leg Hold circle with 5 count

Diamond Merkins x 15 …. twice!

Run back to park entrance



-T-claps to Lamp & Tony Robbins for a great pain installment, crowd pleaser for sure. Looking forward to the encore.

-Yeah we tease him a lot cause we’ve got him on the spot…..welcome back, welcome back, welcome back Fazio! Rolled back in town last night from a 9 day trip, still on island time I’m sure but was ready to post this morning. Aye!

-Great to see Flatline return to the scene and conquer. As the phrase goes, “The best way to overcome an obstacle is to confront it. ”

-1 year Celebration of F3 in Raleigh on March 2nd at Pullen Park. Save the date, details to come shortly.

-Quote of the day: “Where there’s no difference there’s no influence”

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  • Sure are. The logo is stiched in gold on the back right pocket. Those might have to make an appearance at Ball Bearings soon. I think they would pair nicely with an F3 midriff mesh shirt – #devolvingf3hautecouture.

    Tough going this morning. I stumbled around in the darkness for a good 20 minutes before finally getting my bearings. No refreshing warm ocean spray to gently wake me from my slumber, no “Hakuna Matata” or “When You Wish Upon a Star” wafting down the hallway to set the mood for the day, and certainly no mid-70’s and wall-to-wall sunshine to greet me – just the mist and gloom of a dismal Monday morning scene and a harsh dose of reality. I searched high and low for a note from Epstein’s mom, but, alas, none was to be found. So I reluctantly put on the gear and shuffled to out to the car. As usual, I’m very glad I did. Great to be back with you brothers, and a great way to transition back into “everyday” life. Tclaps to Tony Robbins and Lamp for their innagural Q work this morning – even managed elicited a few bastard calls, which is a badge of honor you both can wear proudly.

  • So I get the photo of Fazio from the vacation luau. Looking good. Only question is whether those are official F3 jorts?

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