In the gloom sometimes it is hard to forget who posted and who didn’t.  This was the case yet again this morning in Cary.

Arm Circles x30
Good Mornings x15
Windmills x15
Imperial Walkers x15
Nutcrackers x20

Pre Amble:
High Knees for 20 Yards, yes these were really really high
butt kickers back
quick feet x20

Mosey to the main play area:
Really Slow Dips x10
Really Slow Incline Merkins x10
Really Slow 8 count burpees x10

With resistance bands:
Fly Traps x20
Seated Row x20
Tricep Extension x20

Knees to Elbows x10
Burpees x10

Mary (non stop):
Freddy Mercury x20
WWII Situps x20
Dying Cockroaches x20
Low Slow Flutter x20

50 walking lunges to the parking lot
Quick Feet
Bicep Curls x20, Chariot Race 50 yds, repeat

Mosey to the main play area again:
Russian Hammers x20
Froggies x20
6 inch leg hold x40


Doing things slow and correct yielded much unknown pain and groaning
We will be scouting out new parks to plant the Shovel Flag