Krispy Kreme Challenge same saturday as our backblast.  Welcome to Q-tip the newest FNG to show up.  7000-8000 participants for doughnuts but only 20 Pax were willing to go for the gloom.

Start with 1/2 jog towards Dorothea Dix Hospitial.  Did someone say “crazy”?

Warmup in cadence:

  • Seal Jacks x 15
  • Fazio small arm circles x 10 forward and backward
  • Windmill x 20
  • Hallelujah pyramid (inspired by Stone Cold… 1 air squat followed by 4 shoulder presses, then 2 air squats followed by 8 shoulder presses) pyramid up to 10

Job another 1/2 mile to Dorothea Dix Hill. Did someone say the hill seems small?

  • Jacob’s Ladder Circuit x 5
  • 1st group run up the hill and escalating burpees
  • 2nd group players choice of bear crawl or lunges over 25 yards
  • 3rd group 20 merkins and 20 LBC’s
  • Repeat

After 5 cycles no one thinks the hill is too small except maybe T-square who is not yet winded.

Recovery 1/2 mile jog

  • 6 inch leg hold circle x5 seconds each member
  • In cadence 25 WW II situps
  • Ascending pyramid of MRE’s (Merkins Repeat Erbs)  1 merkin followed by 4 erbs, then 2 merkins followed by 8 erbs
  • QIC couldn’t make it past 5 cycles so we stopped early.

Another 1/2 jog back to Pullen

Last pain station Alternating sarcozy/ merkins for total of 5 reps in cadence.

Final Thoughts- Love the new potential park area at Dorothea Dix.  Foresee many new pain stations as potential.  Need to work on stamina for the MRE’s. Personal goal is an ascending pyramid up and down from 1 to 10.