6 PAX came out into the chilly Duke air to start their day’s downPAINment…

Indian Run, SSHx20, IWx20, mountain climbersx20, arm circles, leg stretches

The Thang:
Bear crawl up hill, 5 merkins at the top, run down to bottom – repeato x3
(man down – we killed our FNG – from this point on, had to completely change the workout…)
Box jumps (~3ft wall) x10, repeato

split into 2 groups, 5om run while other group does exercise:
1) merkins + run
2) merkins + run
3) air squats + backwards run
4) air squats +backwards run
5) LBCs + walking lunges

halftime: people’s chair x60sec, 360-degree merkins

6) carolina dry docks + side shuffle
7) burpees + run
8) burpees + run
9+10) bows/toes plank + 2 run laps

15 minutes of mary – a durham record…
just going to list them… lost count after a while… they all hurt though
LBCs, oblique crunches, more LBCs, leg raises, rosalitas, planks, plank knee ups, russian hammers, heels to the heavens, bicycles, through the leg bicycles, low slow flutter, big slow flutter


– Tclaps to Razorback (FNG) for coming out today – I’m sorry about the calf – he did what he could, then went to get some rehab… came back outside for mary with a coffee…
– Tclaps to Jaboo for pushing the intensity today… plus the post-workout nutritional tips… I feel bigger already
– Tclaps to KeyWest, Shooter, and Floyd for the hard work

Get ready for next Saturday… HUGE downPAINment coming…