19 PAX showed up on a wet and rainy morning for some Ball Bearings action in and around Fletcher Park. 


Burpee Jog:  Exit the friendly confines of Fred Fletcher Park for a .7 mile run through the surrounding neighborhood with 3 stops indulging 10 burpees per stop.  Arrive at Needham B. Broughton High School, home of the Capitals. 

Broughton campus workout extravaganza:  Using the curvy bench wall, 10 slow decline merkins, 10 jump ups, 5 one arm incline merkins with each arm, 15 dips.  Repeat a total of 3 times.

Mosey over to the upper field back at Fletcher for some sprint work and exercises:

Parter 1, sprint 120 yards, touch fence and sprint back.  Partner 2 does exercises until partner 1 completes sprints, flapjack.  Total of five rotations, exercises included: stationary lunges, LBCs, squats, 30 merkins (10 wide, 10 standard, 10 diamond), single leg deadlift.  Plankorama when complete.

Mosey over to the House of Cats:

Peoples chair on House of Cats.  2 Minutes.

Mosey to lower field:

7 minutes of mary with a twist.  LBCs, Rosalitas, Hello Dolly, WWI sit ups, TD Curl, Russian Hammers, Freddie Mercury.  While 7 minutes of mary ongoing, each man takes a turn (or group of men take a turn) sprinting up Hamburger Hill, around the House of Cats, and back down to the mary circle. 



Off site adventures abound at Ball Bearings on 2/13/13.   As far as the QIC can recall, first ever trip up Glenwood and through the surrounding neighborhood, to the delight of some concerned local citizens.  Second ever Ball Bearings trip to Needham B. Broughton High School, home of the Capitals. 

The runs down Hamburger Hill were particularly hairy today.  A number of the PAX perfected their slides and are ready to get after it at Spring Training later this week.

TClaps to Flat Line who emerged from a 2 + month injury absence and has now posted 3 times in 5 days, strong as ever.

Thanks for indulging the QIC on the curvey bench wall, which was actually built as a memorial to an old friend taken away from us nearly 17 years ago.  Good to stop by and see it again.