9 PAX showed up in the snowy/rainy gloom to start their day off the Duke way…

Start running with the paver block, intermittently doing shoulder presses, bicep curls, and tricep extensions

Ring of fire:
– Round 1: large circle, bows/toe planks with someone running around with block overhead
– Round 2: smaller circle, LBCs and side obliques with someone doing duck walk clutching block
Run over to the playground with bob/weaving and random sprints and airsquats

Combos at the playground – split into 2 groups, each group does 1 exercise  for 1 minute, then switch and repeato (2 sets of each exercise)
– Round 1: burpee pull-ups (self-explanatory) and mountain-merkins (10 mountain climbers followed by 2 merkins and repeat)
– Round 2: step-up top-shelf (stepup onto raised surface with paver in each hand doing shoulder press) and plyometric merkins (incline merkin with push up so you “get some air” and repeat)
– Round 3: merkin twists (merkin then lift right arm and turn body so hand is to sky then back down into merkin – alternate arms) and snowboarders (squat and touch ground, 180 degree jump, squat and touch ground, repeat..)
– Round 4: hanging knee-ups (hang from pull-up bar and bring knees up to chest) and jump lunges

Run back to the start with intermittent shoulder presses, bicep curls, tricep extensions
Random return of the ring of fire: planks, back extensions and “free falling”


Moleskin: nice work today… I can see a lot of progress in this group…

“you were being sneaky there.. the first few seemed really easy.. and then they weren’t” (anonymous)