13 PAX plus a later arriving Ernie hit the largest wave Dawn Patrol has to offer hard on Thursday morning.


Jog around behind the gym for warm up: SSH x 30; Imperial Walkers x 20; Good Mornings x 10; Windmills x 20.

Jog to the picnic shelter: Derkins x 10; Dips x 10; Jump ups x 10; repeato.

Jog to soccer field and base of the rear entrance to the Dawn Patrol Johnny Utah Forest Hill Trail:

Elevens on the Hill: Burpees at the bottom, Prisoner Squats at the top (in between run from soccer field up the hill to the top of the trail where it begins to curve to the right).  When you finish begin running laps around the soccer field until all PAX are done.

Run back to picnic shelter: Derkins x 10; Dips x 10; Jump ups x 10; repeato. LBCs x 30; Russian Hammers x 20.


  • Thoughts to Ernie’s friend from church going through a tough time.
  • Great work today men, that hill was no joke.  #thatsnotnothing
  • USMC Mud Run – Oct. 4 – sign up deadline 7/15.