The Sherwood Forest map was of no use to this humble Friar in locating our band of merry brothers to the southwest who fly the F3 flag under the mid-80s moniker, The Danger Zone. Upon arrival, a survey of the DZ HQ was necessary to insure that the mental Weinke could be applied to the DZ compound. Needed to get the late-70s Death Star fully operational. This will work. Let there be smoke.


Warmup – SSH / Goodmornings / Windmills / Mountain Climbers / Imperial Walkers

15 burpees oyo

Recover on the jog

The Death Star: Five-Pronged Star with an exercise on each point of the star.

In pairs, gorilla crawl out, complete the exercise, bear crawl to the center, 10 mericans in cadence.

Death Star Stations: 1) 15 burpees 2) squats x20 3) 15 burpees 4) jump squats x20 5) 15 burpees

Recover on the jog

Suicidal Tendencies:

1) BBall court Suicides – half-line / end-line / far half-line / far end-line

Side mogul hops x20

2) BBall Court Suicides / jump-ups x20

3) BBall Court Suicides / plank-hops x10

4) BBall Court Suicides / plank walk across the BBall court

Recover on the jog

Helter Shelter:

Grab a picnic table under the shelter for:

  • Derkins x15 / Dips x15 / Irkins x15 / squats x20
  • Derkins x12 / Dips x12 / Irkins x12 / alt lunges x15
  • Derkins x10 / Dips x10 / Irkins x10

Recover on the jog


LBCs x30 / Merican Hammers x25 / Heels to Heaven x20



Much obliged to the Cary brethren for rolling out the welcome mat to this Friar and delivering an exceptionally beautiful morning in Cary NC.

Word from Burt is that if you post 5 times in a row at the Danger Zone, you will be awarded an offically-licensed, creamcicle Danger Zone tank top. #youwantone #dontactlikeyoudont #maverick


  • Gratitude from Cee-Lo and this Friar for successful surgery for Cee-Lo’s mom and YHC’s dad.
  • Prayers for soldier who works with Artois in Afghanistan–can’t recall his name.
  • Prayers for Burt’s co-worker.

(Sorry, forgetting details for prayer.)

The COT closed out with the reminder that the heavens and all creation declares the glory of God. (Psalm 19:1) It’s easily evident in the blue skies, bright sun and tall trees. God’s power and beauty are displayed all around as you suffer through burpees and suicides. So, similarly, we as men are called to display the glory, power and beauty of God in all that we do–in what we say, in how we act, in our attitudes and in our relationships. That’s our call. Let’s live it out, men. Aye.

The solid Stella led us out in prayer. A good day ahead!