This week at Flood Zone we’re going to try a different format. Below is the workout
to be completed by you and a your partner at the fastest pace you can.

What you need to do:
Find a partner(still post if you can’t find one before tomorrow, there will be other singles)

Be at the deck at 5:25, ready to launch at 5:30. Or show up at 5:15 for some EC if you’re feeling like a badass.

The Plan:
With you partner

Backwards run to the top of the deck
20 Burpees each

Down the Stairs to the bottom

Run up to the second level
Alternating partner wheelbarrows up the last two ramps
20 merkins each at the top

Repeat the previous two deck climbs complete with burpees and merkins
at the top.

Run to the corner of Crabtree Valley Ave and Creedmoor
5 burpee chase up to the entrance of the nationwide lot.
At the top 40 hand release merkins between you and your partner
(whoever arrives first should start)

Run to the bottom and Repeat alternating who starts with burpees.

At 6:08 I’ll call time and we’ll head back to the deck. First team back
lead mary until all pax arrive.

The team with the most trips up Creedmoor will be crowned Champions until the next
edition of this Flood Zone Race.

Looking forward to seeing who shows.

See you in the Gloom