#Endorphin is enjoying the fruits of a few changes in focus for the Raleigh faithful.  With the Blue Ridge Relay less than 3 months out, and #TheShaggyChallenge encouraging many Pax to seek out new workouts, we had a door-busting 19 men show-up at the gates of Umstead State Park for what can only be characterized as an invasion.

The #Endorphin run is a very adaptable course – a simple out-and-back – along the bridle trails of Umstead.  The Pax were instructed to go out approximately 23 minutes and then turn around and head back.  The goal is 45 – 50 minutes at your own pace with the longest going about 6 miles with 450 ft of ascent – several rollers as the low spot is at 235 ft and the peak is around 460ft at the turn-around.  The first mile is downhill, so the last mile home is a challenging finishing hill.

Starting the run at 73 degrees and a dew point of 65 degrees  (a 76% relative humidity for those keeping track at home) we set out in a large group, but quickly strung out as Yo-yo and Minnie set a blistering early pace.  Everyone settled into their pace groups and hard work was enjoyed by all.  By design, the groups consolidated and finished close together with everyone picking their speed and distance.

Return next week for more running fun.  We’ll be here and look forward to the Pax getting faster.

COT of standard stretches and Name-o-Rama


  • October Mud Run registration is up and teams are forming
  • If you are on a #brr team, consider running tonight to see how you feel – ** Spoiler alert ** you should feel crappy after two runs in 18 hours.  Get used to that feeling and find strength in it..
  • July 4th convergences at Baileywick and Late Night.
  • Continued prayers for Floppy Disk;s daughter