For the maiden launch of Juggernaut, 22 pax turned out to christen the Baileywick Road Park. Much pain was felt by all, but we agreed that we are onto something really good here in North Raleigh. A solid turnout and a level of difficulty that left even Chong Li needing to gasp for air at the end. Many agreed that Chong should be wearing a weight vest, however going forward, as he was quite the chatty Cathy. We were blessed with 2 FNG’s that joined (Lunacy and Ebola) who claim that they will be out to post another day.

The Thang:
20 SSH
15 imperial walkers
15 mtn climbers
15 merkins
15 sir Fazio arm circles (forward and reverse)

Moseyed up the hill and through the woods to the field by Baileywick Elementary. This was no kids play.

THE BEAST: merkins, lbc’s, squats, plank jacks, ww2 sit ups and burpees to finish off. Added in lunge walking after the squats to make sure the men showed up.

Wheel barrow – bear crawl – crab walk – lunge walk finished off by a partner carry. 2X

Sprint the field while partner amrapped merkins, lbc’s, and then finished with balls to the wall.

Moseyed back to the picnic tables for dips and alternating step ups.

Mary – ww2 sit ups 15, protracter at 15, 45, 15, 45; then finished with 6 inches for a 10 count all around.


Truly this was a great launch for Juggernaut. It turned out the no one was the unstoppable force that we thought we might be, but we will keep trying.