The Situation started the morning with a brief intro and handed the reigns to me for the first time. It was an honor co-leading The Crick Saturday Crew and introducing some basketball drills from my D3 college basketball days on the JV team (thus D4). After securing the trust of the men we were off balling. Note: now that I am setup to post BackBlasts skies the limit, but apologies for the delay and missing some names and details.


  • ssh x20
  • good mornings x10
  • ssh x10
  • Fazio’s 2×10
  • ssh x10
  • standard merkins x10

Basketball court:  

  • long jumps
  • crab walk
  • defensive slides
  • back board touches x3
  • 17s sprint

Recover on the run:  

  • partner laps 3x
  • standard mericans 5x
  • Spiderman 3x
  • ssh 10x
  • air squats 10x
  • mericans 10x

The Hill (Situation takes lead)

  • run up the hill
  • merkins x10
  • bear crawl up the hill x2
  • ssh x2
  • Air squats x2
  • recover on the run relay


  • squares
  • suicides

Mary (Dealers choice)

  • LBC x10
  • Poke the hole x20
  • Reverse LBC x20
  • WWII x20
  • Box Cutters x20
  • scissors 10x

Singlewide took us out in prayer