photoFifteen FNGs, two second time F3ers living in Wilmington, one Charlotte transplant F3er returning to action in his new Wilmington home, one guest from F3 Charlotte Metro, one guest from F3 Atlanta and ten rugged guests from F3 Raleigh planted the shovel flag at 7:00 am in Wilmington’s Hugh MacRae Park to take New Hanover County for F3 Nation.


Warm up jog to a beautiful spot in the trees and circle up for: SSH x 25, imperial walkers x 20, good mornings x 20, mountain climbers x 20, standard merkins x 10.

Mosey over to the picnic area for, the Chong Li Special: decline merkins x 20, dips x 20, incline merkins x 20, decline merkins x 20, the french dip x 20, incline merkins x 20, decline merkins x 20, dips x 20, incline merkins x 20.

Mosey over to the tennis courts for The Beast: Run across four tennis courts and back, stopping six times for a six count exercise at each stop.  Repeat a total of six times.  Exercises included standard merkins, prisoner squats, LBCs, wide grip merkins, jumping lunges, burpees.

Mosey behind the baseball fields for the Dirty McTen (aka, the Dirty McDeuce reduced to ten count exercises midway due to unnecessary mumble chatter from the Chongster).  Exercises included standard merkins x 12, prisoner squats x 12, LBCs x 12, diamond merkins x 10, reverse lunges x 10, Rosalitas x 10, carolina dry docks x 10, star jumps x 10, WWI sit ups x 10, single leg dead lift right leg x 10, single leg dead lift left leg x 10, burpees x 10.

Jog to the picturesque pond side setting, over the bridge, past the family taking photos for: Six Minutes of Mary: LBCs x 30, hello dolly x 20, russian hammers x 20, heels to heaven x 20, freddie mercury x 20.


* Fantastic start to F3 Wilmington. Great group of fired up guys. Thanks for letting us come down and run around your park.  F3 Wilmington is about to take off quickly, get on board.

* Long COT, lots of names to give out. Did not take long to figure out that the F3 Wilmington crew fits right in with F3 Nation.

* Strong turnout at coffeteria at the Starbucks on Oleander. Solid outdoor fire pit, good for the hot summer months.

* See you next Saturday, same time, same place.