11 pax assembled around the shovel flag at Thin Blue Line, many wearing their Rashad McCants inspired Carolina blue shirts.  In retrospect should have known that someone named Propane would bring fiery pain to the pax, but YHC foolishly offered a co-Q to initiate Propane into leading the pax.  Having no idea of the coming beatdown, the pax happily began their trek…

The Thang:

Indian run around the field

Arm circles
Good mornings
Air squats

Propane’s Thang:

Yog to the PAINground…
Pullups x 10-20
Dips x 10
Slow dips x 5
Rinse and repeat x 3

YHC thinks Propane had more of this in store for us, but seeing the look of fear in the pax eyes, he mercifully handed the reigns off to YHC.

Yog slowly, arms numb, to the TBL Hamburger Hill

Jacob’s Ladder
Up the hill, 2 burpees
Down the hill, 10 merkins
Up the hill, 4 burpees
Down the hill, 8 merkins in cadence
And so on…

Ark loader
Bear crawl, 10 tuck jumps
Crab walk, 10 tuck jumps
Gorilla walk, 10 tuck jumps
Dragon walk, 10 tuck jumps
Inchworm, 10 tuck jumps
Frog jumps, 10 tuck jumps

Low flutter
Russian hammers


– Strong first Q by Propane.
– Welcome FNG Charles, now known as ¢ha¢hi.  Since his name is Charles we somehow got to Chachi.  Since he’s in finance, we wanted dollar signs in there (ala Ke$ha).  But since there is no S in Chachi, and maybe because he looks too young for dollar signs, he gets cents signs instead.  In all seriousness he seems like a beast already, so we’re hoping he doesn’t embarrass us all soon.
– Strong coffeeteria at Panera afterwards.