Great work today by 16 PAX who pushed through a challenging workout.


Run around the lake with Lunge Walks on the bridges. Circle up for SSH (40x), Imperial Walkers (20x), Windmills (20x), Merkins (15x – fast cadence), and Melchionnis (20x – like Mike Tysons, only better).

Run to hill. P1 runs backwards up hill and does Burpees at the top (7x, 6x, 5x…) and then runs back, while P2 does Mary as called by P1. Flapjack.

Run to rocks. One-armed Rock Row, right then left (12x), then Prisoner Squats (12x) – 2x

Run to baseball field with lunge walks along the way.

Each PAX runs the bases while everyone else does People’s Chair. Then do it again, this time bear crawling from third to home.

Karoeke left, karoeke right. Merkins (15x – fast cadence).

Run back towards home base. Stop at curb for Quick Feet (20x) and Calf Raises (20x) – 2x.

Run to picnic area. Decline Merkins (15x – fast cadence) and Left, Right Step Ups (20x) – 2x.

Run back to home base for short Mary: WWII Situps (40x).

COT (yes, there were Gatorades).

Announcements: Komen 5k next Saturday. Mule tentatively scheduled for October 25.

Wonk took us out in prayer.