After 15 mins of encouraging others to step into the Arena we had our group of 5 PAX including 1 FNG to make the jaunt over to the Healing Place Men’s Shelter Saturday Morning and take their shot at the Arena.

The Thang…

Run the 1.25 miles over to the Healing Place.

SSH X 30, Imperial Walkers X 20, Sir Fazio Arm Circles X 10 forward and reverse, 15 Merkins.

Run over to the field and grab a Rock- Rock Ladder- 15 Diamond Push Ups, 14 Rock Extensions, 13 Curls, 12 Diamond Push Ups, 11 Rock Extensions, 10 Curls, 9 Carolina Dry Docks, 8 Rock Extensions, 7 Curls, 6 Diamond Push Ups, 5 Rock Extensions, 4 Curls, 3 Diamond Pushups, 2 Rock Extensions, 1 Curl

Sumo Side Lunge with Rock 50 Yards- Side Sumo Lunge with Squat then down to your knees get up and side step.  Do this over for 50 yards.

Run Back to the Healing Place -20 Dips, 15 Durkens, 20 Dips 15 Durkens

Mary- WWII Sit UPs X 30, 50 LBCs, 30 Freddie Mercuries

COT- Continued Prayers for Hush Puppy and his Family his Frat’s Alumni Golf Tournament is on 9/27 at Eagle Ridge proceeds to go to American Cancer Fund.  New Mexico asked that we pray for his Wife’s Cousin Sandee who’s having Brian surgery next week and his Wife’s Aunt Cassie who’s having Open Heart Surgery week after next.  Prayed for the Healing Place and all those Men there that our continued presence would encourage more Men to step into the Arena with us.

Welcomed our newest FNG who works in Shopping Center Development thus the name K-Mart.

Run the 1.25 Miles Up Hill back to Pullen Park.

If you’re reading this and you haven’t tried The Arena I really encourage you to give it a shot.  Not only is it a heck of a workout but you also get in some of the 3rd F as well.  We were light on attendance this week and didn’t have any of our regulars like Teddy join us.  I believe with all my heart these Men will join us but we really need to continue to have a strong presence of about 10 guys.  I hope you’ll consider this in the coming weeks!