The virtual shovel flag was planted and 13 PAX members set off to teach downtown Cary a lesson.

Here’s how it went down:

– Ran to five different stops with 10 burpees at each stop #crowdpleaser


SSH, Good Mornings, Mountain Climber, Merkins, Stump Jumper


Partner 1 – One legged hop up the stairs and then run the loop back to your partner.
Partner 2 – Merkins until your partner comes back
Rinse and repeat

Wall work

Dips, L/R Step-up, Derkins x2

Run to Parking Deck

Race your partner from corners of the deck – Loser does 5 burpees

Run down the deck

Gravevine, backwards run, grapevine, sprint.

Indian Run home

Mary – Heels to Heaven, Flutter Kicks, WWII Sit-ups, and Merican Hammers.


Naked Moleskin

– Surcharge pulled out a 1999 Sigma Chi shirt for this work-out. To say he got his money’s worth with that gem is an understatement. You wore it well!
– Nabisco had his gameface on in the parking deck race with Rip Tide. #burpeemotivator
– Captain Hook (FNG) had a strong showing this morning and we look forward to seeing the future Pirate over the summer. #bringyourfriends
– Pray for Burt’s family member’s brain injury and CeeLo’s Mom!


– Sign up for Komen, go to happy hour, and keep bringing friends to Cary #growing

Always a pleasure to start the day off with the men of F3,