VSF planted for the PAX of 15 in the sweaty gloom at Flood Zone this morning. This workout was inspired by a mix tape made in March 1995 that I found in a box of college stuff, I brought the football speaker with my iPod and built the set (couple of exceptions) with songs from it. Guess you’ll now know I attended both the H.O.R.D.E (thanks Deliverance) and Lalapalooza festivals…..

The Thang:

Early Arrivers:

(“My Wave”) 1/3 mile run to small patch of grass. Good Mornings x 15, Imperial Walkers x 15, Merkins x 15, Carolina Dry Docks x 15 ….. form a circle of one

(“Everybody Wants to Rule the World” & “Fly by Night”)) PAX goes in a circle with Army crawl first, then bear crawl, then crab walk for the song through both songs

(“Animal” by Pearl Jam) Run back towards the mall, stop for max merkins over 90 seconds…..go pick up the rest

Regular Workout:

(“Fat Albert Theme Song” & “Blister in the Sun”) Run to the stairwell before going up & down 3 times and then across the top of the parking deck

(“Bitch” by the Rolling Stones) SSH x 15, Star Jumps x 15, Spiderman Merkins x 15, Good Mornings x 15

(“Fly Me Courageous” , “Down With Disease” & “But Anyway”) Two sets of 11s: Knee Ups & Burpees, then LBCs & Merkins….move down to parking level below

(“Bullet with Butterfly Wings” & “Outshined”) The Beast! 6 Exercises were Merkins, Squats, Carolina Dry Docks, Star Jumps, Diamond Merkins & Burpees

(“Please” by Widespread) 70 yard run out and back 2 times. Peoples Chair for 60 Seconds, Balls to the Wall for 60 seconds, Stomp x 20

(“No One to Run With” by Allman Brothers) Run down a level, bear crawl down the ramp and then crab walk down the next ramp….make way to main level near cars

(“Come on up to the House” by Willie Nelson) Mary: Rosalitas x 25, Flutter Kicks x 30, Chilcutt Hold for 60 seconds and then a 5 count circle

COT and that is all (ManRam lead the prayer)

Naked Moleskin:

-Thanks to ManRam for reminding us the sacrifice & significance of today 70 years ago on the beaches of Normandy. Well done.

-2nd F at Tur De Nog (whatever it’s called, that place in Moore Square) next Tuesday, June 12th from 5:30 – 7:30. Food will be provided, T-claps to Costco for his work on these socials.

-Not much chatter this morning among the PAX, thank you to Deliverance for reminding me of the H.O.R.D.E. festival memory. Maybe everyone was enjoying the music.

-T-claps to Tongue in Groove for getting his 9 man BRR team built in a matter of weeks. He just started posting here a few months ago, strong!

-T-claps to King David for completing the Leadership Raleigh program, also hope he gave the Late Night crowd a smoker which is what they wanted.

-Awesome week for participation and expansion. We’ll crush 400 posts for the first time and all three new locations had incredible debuts with 17 in Wake Forest, 14 at Ethanol & 22 at Juggernaut. Great leadership and commitment. T-claps to the site Qs. #starfish

-Safe travels and well wishes to our friends headed to Wilmington tomorrow morning. Guys will love having an F3 option while on vacation, lots of interest in the success among the PAX.

-YHC of course saw the twitter banter regarding the toughest workout option for this morning. Too much respect for KD to jump in on that despite seeing the vote count. I did note at COT that not one person who posted at Ball Bearings Wednesday was present at Flood Zone, except for the Q of course. Just sharing a fact. Pretty sure if he wasn’t the Q at Late Night I know where he would have been, if I wasn’t the Q at FZ he knows where I would have been too. We’ll leave it there, but the tweets were very funny…..whoever started it keep that going.

I’m still taking deep breaths.