6 Pax turned out on a beautiful North Carolina morning to commemorate D-day. As Windex said “Do you think those men woke up and thought, ‘I don’t feel like invading Germany today….I think I’ll sleep in.”

We started with a quick warm up:

20 SSH

20 Arm Circles

10 Good Mornings.

15 Mountain Climbers

Took a jog to the hill on the trail for a Jacob’s Ladder

Sprint up for 20 then 15, 10, and 5 Merkins

Sprint down for 5, Then 10, 15, and 20 squats

Ran halfway to the soccer field, with a brief stop at some benches for

15 dips in cadence

15 step ups on your own

At the soccer field, we conquered The Beast, six exercises at six cones with six reps at each cone and six different ways of getting to the cones:

1) Walking lunges and merkins

2) Sprints and Peter Parkers

3) Gorilla Crawl and WWII sit ups

4) Grape Vines and Carolina dry Docs

5) Back Pedal and wide grip merkins

6) Side Shuffles and Burpees

We ended with the usual 6 (maybe 7) minutes of Mary.


6 inch and 45 degree leg lifts

A new thing we have no name for

More LBCs


Rocky Balboas

Long slow flutter


One FNG. He shall be known as Marky Mark