21 PAX members stepped into the ring to battle the King of Punch-Out. They all survived! Let’s see what went down:

Early Rounds

Run a warm-up loop up Edwards Mills back to the mall

Circle-up – Push-A-Rama – Merkins, Wide-Arm, Diamonds, Dry Docks, and Hand-release Merkins x10

Run to the stairs – 5 burpees at the top/1 merkin at the bottom – 5 sets

Main Event

Run a warm-up loop up Edwards Mills back to the mall

COP – SSH, Good Morning, Mountain Climber, Stump Jumper

Ten Rounds with Tyson – 5 stations, 10 exercises each station

Merkins, Prisoner Squats, LBCs, Star Jumps, World War II, Jumping Lunge, Wide Grip Merkin, Stump Jumpers, Mountain Climber, Burpees #timekiller

Suicides – Same likes as Ten Rounds x2

Run to the downhill ramp – Bear Crawl down, Tiger Rag up #kryptonite



– Constant movement was the name of the game today! We didn’t run that much but I’m spent. Tyson always delivers (except in his later years)!
– Chatter about the YHCs burpee form. YHC chooses not to “dance” when he works-out #jazzhands, but if you feel led to dance, do your thang. #sallywalker
– Cinderella has few weakness. Adding 30 lbs to his back and jamming rocks into his hands slows him down on backwards bear crawls. Keep that in mind for future work-outs if you want to slow him down.


Mule, Mud-Run, Bowling. Check the website or your twitter box.


Ventura’s sister, Orwell, Hushpuppy, MCinderella.

Always an honor to lead the men of F3,