21 PAX members stepped into the ring to battle the King of Punch-Out. They all survived! Let’s see what went down:

Early Rounds

Run a warm-up loop up Edwards Mills back to the mall

Circle-up – Push-A-Rama – Merkins, Wide-Arm, Diamonds, Dry Docks, and Hand-release Merkins x10

Run to the stairs – 5 burpees at the top/1 merkin at the bottom – 5 sets

Main Event

Run a warm-up loop up Edwards Mills back to the mall

COP – SSH, Good Morning, Mountain Climber, Stump Jumper

Ten Rounds with Tyson – 5 stations, 10 exercises each station

Merkins, Prisoner Squats, LBCs, Star Jumps, World War II, Jumping Lunge, Wide Grip Merkin, Stump Jumpers, Mountain Climber, Burpees #timekiller

Suicides – Same likes as Ten Rounds x2

Run to the downhill ramp – Bear Crawl down, Tiger Rag up #kryptonite



– Constant movement was the name of the game today! We didn’t run that much but I’m spent. Tyson always delivers (except in his later years)!
– Chatter about the YHCs burpee form. YHC chooses not to “dance” when he works-out #jazzhands, but if you feel led to dance, do your thang. #sallywalker
– Cinderella has few weakness. Adding 30 lbs to his back and jamming rocks into his hands slows him down on backwards bear crawls. Keep that in mind for future work-outs if you want to slow him down.


Mule, Mud-Run, Bowling. Check the website or your twitter box.


Ventura’s sister, Orwell, Hushpuppy, MCinderella.

Always an honor to lead the men of F3,

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  • Great Q as always Denali. I think we all knew the Burpee call was coming in Round 10. The backwards bear crawl came out of left field. Never done that before. Great teamwork by the PAX coming back for Cinderalla to finish together.

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