24 of the faithful arrived at the appointed hour, overcame a directionally-challenged Q and flat out got it done.

The Thang:

Burpee Indian Run:  Head to Kiwanis Park on modified Indian Run – last man does 3 burpees before taking off for the front of the line.

Warmup:  standard merkins x 15, good mornings x 12, Peter Parkers x 15, windmills x 15

Mosey over to basketball courts and partner up for some teamwork:

  • Round 1:  Partner 1 does full court suicides while Partner 2 does burpees, then flapjack – continue to flapjack until team completes 50 burpees
  • Round 2:  Partner 1 bear crawls to end of court and crab walks back while Partner 2 does LBC’s then flapjack – continue to flapjack until team completes 200 LBC’s
  • Round 3:  Partner 1 sprints to end of court and back while Partner 2 does jumping knee-ups then flapjack – continue to flapjack team completes 50 jumping knee-ups

Jaunt over to the fence for BTTW, People’s Chair and Derkins (2 rounds)

Head down greenway and stop for prisoner squats x 20

Take off on the run in search of dealership overflow parking lot.  Q asks pax on each flank for confirmation he’s headed in right direction.  Check.  Q asks if first right turn is correct. Check.  Q asks if next left is to the parking lot.  Check.  Q begins to see landscaped lawn and apartments.  Q thinks “This is not correct.”  Flanking pax confirm the miscue.  Next exercise is the U-Turn.  Velvet assumes navigational responsibilities and all arrive safely at appointed destination only slightly worse for the wear.

Hit the parking lot:

  • sprint to 1st pole – 5 standard burpees
  • sprint to 2nd pole – 5 double-merkin burpees
  • sprint to 3rd pole – 5 triple-merkin burpees
  • sprint back to starting point – Waste Management truck arrives to disrupt the fun

Head back on the run, bear crawl across extended bridge, then sprint back home

1 MOM – Boat, Canoe, Boat, Canoe, Row Boat (Boat w/Arm Circles), Canoe

COT with great closeout from Electrolux


  • Welcome FNG’s Punchlist (Craig Kimson – I think) and Cheney (Jimbo Tanner).  Wendell G objection to Cheney naming is duly noted, but the “and I like to hunt on the side” line was a segue too good to pass up
  • Congrats and blessings on the arrival of Linda’s baby girl.  Welcome to the world baby Anna.  Word is that Linda Jr. was in the naming mix but lost out in the end.
  • Vocal skepticism about the introduction of the burpee Indian Run abounded from a couple of usual suspects:  “Why would we do this? Have you beta tested this yet? If we have to do burpees first, we’ll have further to run.”  In other words, validation.
  • Bowling next Thursday at the Alley, 7 – 9.  Free food.  Be there.
  • As always, an honor to lead you men, even though I’m not always sure where I’m going.