After celebrating National IPA Day yesterday, we had to work out to cleanse our bodies for another day of beach drinking.  Mr. Rogers, fresh in from his Raleigh – Hilton Head drive last night (and basically straight to the bar….bravo!), had no idea about this brutal humidity.  Fortunately, 007 and YHC had been “training” down here for a week so we were somewhat acclimated (ok, not really).  This would be one of the most scenic F3 workouts you’ll encounter as we covered the front 9 of Sea Pines’ Ocean Course which is closed for a few days for aeration so it was all ours! Here we go:

Gather condo side for 1/3 mile jog to 1st tee box.  Warm-up: SSH x 12; Mtn Climbers x 15; Sir Fazio x 8 each arm.

Rules of the workout were as follows:  Jog the front 9 of the course which is about 2.75 miles as clocked earlier in the week.  At any water encountered on the left side of any hole, 10 merkins, any water on the right, 5 burpees (this course has lots of water!).  If the water spans two holes, it’s counted as two separate occurrences of water.  Additionally, should a heron be in or around the water, the exercise is doubled.  Capped out at double due to quite a few herons in each.  If during the run a fish is spotted jumping from the water, 5 jump-ups per fish jump.  These fools were going nuts so we capped it at 25.  If an alligator is spotted, 25 penalty burpees.  Fortunately for us, the one typically in the lake beside us wasn’t there.  The day before we counted 15 water on the left and 10 on the right so with heron penalties, we did close to 200 merkins and 50-60 burpees.

At each tee box, perform Mary of choice x 9.  At 5th hole where the restrooms are, perform 10 squats (b/c I have a sense of humor).  On 9th hole, squats equal to 5x the number of bunkers on 9 which happened to be 6 so 30 squats.

Jog back around to practice greens for derkins x 9, L/R step-ups x 9, derkins x 9, L/R step-ups.  Jog to brick wall for 30 count balls to wall.

Mary: We had done quite a few at each tee box so it was limited to 18 of the following: LBC, freddy mercury, and Homer to Marge.  Yep, Mr. Rogers calls Homer to Marge for the 3 of us in front of  several of the club employees that were readying carts / greens.  Due to his “humor”, we had 18 penalty merkins.

COT: We were so gassed we forgot COT and went straight for the water cooler.  Name-o-rama / COT performed hours later so we could officially call it an F3 workouts per guidelines learned at Q Basic….or something like that.

Looking forward to another workout tomorrow and for Brown Shorts from Greenville to arrive Sunday for more F3 HHI.  Tomorrow’s penalties sure to include burpees for shirtless dudes.  Shirtless girl is rewarded with cancellation of workout.  One can dream!