YHC was surprisingly early to the AO only to find 3 pax already there with 10 minutes to spare. As five more rolled in, we discussed the absence of a collar on one of the pax and how his M made the ultimate decision to throw away the ant infested technical fabric polo.  Enough small talk, YHC double checked his trusty time piece, gave a quick and honest disclaimer that immediately led to some disgruntled mumble chatter, and we were off.

The Thang: Heading out Oval right on Centennial Pky, we began our day with a nice fellowship pace.  Great weather, the fact that YHC despises running and never has a plan for his workouts, made for some great conversation.  Hang a louie onto Blair drive, now we’re getting to some familiar territory.  Making our way onto Dix campus we crossed Barbour and found a spot in the field for some warm ups.  Good Mornings x 10, Dan Jansen’s x 10, Merkins x 10, Peter Parkers x 10, LBC’s x 50.  One thing to note, at some point in time in the cop,  Chong says to Munson and the rest of the pax, that halt should no longer be the call to end, it would now be “wolf” and so it was for the remainder of our time together.

Recover on the run, back to Barbour, down and around, over the tracks where we made a sharp right into a familiar field for those who’ve been to the Arena.  As YHC made the call for the pax to grab a rock, the loudest mumble chatterer was noted to be favoring his feet in the high grass.  Myrtle reminded YHC that this was a running workout and that he has “special” shoes for such workouts.  YHC sincerely (somewhat) apologized for the excess moister of the morning dew on the grass, calld the pax to the cop, and began our work.  Curls x 15, squat presses x 15, extensions x 15, repeto x 10.  Send your rock back to it’s home.

YHC noting our proximity to THP, the site of the Arena, we made the short jog down Goode, up the front hill and in to THP front lot.  YHC circled the pax up, noted the familiar fragrances of sewer and cigarette smoke, and informed those who have never been in the Arena that this is where the pain starts at 7:15 on most Saturday’s.  Noticing an employee of THP had stepped out to evaluate our intentions on campus, YHC made the call for 10 merkins, and we were off back the way we came.

Back to Barbour and up that familiar hill, the pax began to get a little too spread out.  At the corner of Blair YHC called a run back to Centennial OYO, when you get to the intersection, double back to the last man and cross Centennial as a group.  Lunge walk across and head back towards Oval.  Interval sprints stopping at each fire hydrant for 10 reps of an exercise, Merkins, LBC, Diamond Merkins.  Cut through to the old parking lot and find a line, lunge walk the line, 10 x Inclined Merkins, 10 Declined Merkins, and lunge walk back.  Mini Plank-o-rama, maybe 2 minutes, 10 x Merkins.  Jog to the grassy area on the other side of the lot, find a spot on the curb for Quick Feet x 10.

Circle up on the grass for Mary: LBC x 25, WWII s/u x 15, Homer to Marge x 15, 6 Inches 10 counts around the circle, done!

COT: Friar Tuck Led us out in a ball o man with great praises to our Glorious King

The Naked Moleskin:

After YHC began to call for name-o-rama, Myrtle quit talking. I think Fannie was the only one today without much to say.  There was plenty of mumble chatter which YHC used to sharpen his concentration skillz.  YHC noticed Friar Tuck and Chong Li discussing recent reads, not to mention YHC carrying on about F2L which last nights bout of insomnia had him deep into, more on that later.  New Mexico is always a chatter and with his fresh new head band and familiarity with the AO, there was much to talk about.  Higgins didn’t have much to say, he seemed to be just checking the WR off his Shaggy Challenge sheet, though YHC had the opportunity to hang back in the six with him on our way back up a hill. Munson and Money Hose were also noted as taking part in the mumble chatter at one point or another, and we all know Myrtle had plenty to say.

Thanks to the pax of the WR, YHC enjoys leading things out of his comfort zone.  It seems as though a decent workout was had by all, and all the MC made for an enjoyable time too.  YHC is about halfway through F2L and remarked on how the notion of being able to do what you Q comes into play at workouts like this for someone who is not a runner, that the challenge is what we need sometimes.  Take the notion of stepping head first into a challenge into the rest of your life and maybe you’ll find the results are just as enjoyable.