The shovel flag was planted for the PAX of 24 at Laurel Hills for this week’s Dawn Patrol. The crew included HM regular Myrtle who has been dishonorably discharged to the F3 outer rim in a manner reminiscent of the Gungans banishing Jar Jar Binks (appropriate comparison). He’s now embraced by The Dawn Patrol crew, but will he embrace them back? Only time will tell. For the second week in a row a new Q takes his turn at the helm with the debut of a delightfully awful new exercise.

The Thang:

Short jog to small patch of grass

C.O.P. :: Good Mornings x 15, Mountain Climbers x 15, Imperial Walkers x 15, Spiderman Merkins x 15, Diamond Merkins x 10

Jog back to parking lot

Indian Run Succotash

Double Applesauce (2 line Indian Run for 2 laps around entire parking lot)

Indian Lunge Walk for ½ the lot

Indian Bear Crawl for ½ the lot

Crabby Indian for ½ the lot

Run down to soccer field

4 wind sprints, partner up

Wheelbarrow/Crab-barrow :: Wheelbarrow length of field (switch partners as needed), 1 Burpee…..Crab-barrow back length of field (switch as needed), 2 Burpees. You get the picture, we did this for 15 minutes straight and it was awful.

Run up to basketball courts

Mary:: WW2 Sit-ups x 25, Box Cutters x 20, Dying Cockroach x 20


Naked Moleskin:

-2nd F at The Alley next Thursday the 14th, sign up!!! 3rd F today at noon, Larry David’s office

-New Tuesday Boot Camp launches on next week on August 12th @ 5:45am, Lady of Lourdes. “Lourdes of Discipline”, Plebe & Honey Do are the site Qs.

-T-claps to FNGs Pigpen & Dingo. They also go to Speaker City for his second post in a row (yesterday he was a mere FNG); lots of new faces in general. Check out the PAX list. #snowball

-Swirly stopped about 35 minutes in looking gassed and said, “I should have gone to Heavy Metal…” Not sayin’, just sayin’.