11 PAX gathered at Jaycee Park for the Second Annual Football Camp Day at Zero Hour.


Warm up jog around the park to the big field for SSH x 30, imperial walker x 20, standard merkins x 20, good mornings x 20.

Individual position work. Split into two groups and rotate through the following drills 2 times each, spend about 2 minutes at each station, continuous reps throug:

Bag drills – slide between, slide over, W drill.

Cone snake drill – run through, shuffle through.

W drill on fence wall – four fence posts each time through.

Bear crawl square – bear crawl twice, crab twice.

Defensive Pursuit Drill:

Team 1 line up in defensive positions.  When QB starts to run to the sideline, each defender run to appropriate cone using proper pursuit angles.  5 burpees at cones.  4 times through each team.

Defensive Ball Drill:

Team 1 line up in defensive positions.  Drop into coverage.  Deep ball thrown, intercept pass, entire team returns for TD – aka – the dreaded boomerang. 4 times through each time.

Everybody Go Deep.

Team 1 line up in offensive positions.  Everybody go deep.  Catch deep ball and everybody go score at TD.  2 times through each team.