One two punch

The virtual shovel flag was planted and 20 PAX members set out for some culture at the NC Art Museum (and some hill work).

Run to the bottom of the hill on the way up to the bridge.

COP – Good Morning, Mountain Climber #sherpa, and SSH.

Hill #1 – Run up the hill twice and down once. As you finish, circle back until you catch the last man. Everyone finishes together. #norest #noarmcircles #faziosmyboy

Run over the bridge

Hill #2 – Run down the hill twice and up the hill once. #failure #T&G&Molassescan’tfollowdirections

Jog between bridges as we wait for the fast guys with wax in their ears #QTip

Mosey to the white sign

Hill #3 – Run up twice and down once. Circle back.

Hobbits Hollow – Run the loop twice with stops and the little people’s house (10 squats) and over the bridge (10 star jumps).

Jog down hill, sprint to second bridge, jog up hill, sprint over the bridge, jog down the hill, and stop at the parking lot at the bottom of the hill. #Qfail #timecheck


Naked Moleskin:

– Money Hose was not donning his typical country club collar this morning. He gave some long explanation for why he gets a pass but I say never let that happen again, brother. It’s your trademark. Own it!
– Lots of speed this morning with T&G, Fannie, Velvet, Maize and Molasses pushing the PAX! Strong work!
– Speaking of speed, T&G wasn’t going to let the new guy, Molasses, come out and show up the PAX. He pushed it so hard that he neglected to follow directions on hill number two. His over zealous attitude costed him an extra lap up the hill. #consequences
– Molasses (FNG) is fast. See what we did with that name. We are taking the literal names off the table. Come out again, brother. You’ll make us all better with that speed!
– MacGruber showed up this morning and it was like seeing a ghost from the past. He’s been putting in some serious North Raleigh time to grow those work-outs but it was good to see him south of North Hills!
– Fazio went full on gazelle mode near mile marker four. Obviously, the hills don’t effect the man. He’s moved up in his ranking on Government Cheese. #sandbagger


New work-outs: Monday (14th) at Apex Community Park (off Laura Duncan) at 6:00 and Thursday (17th) at NC Art Museum (The Judge) at 5:30.

-Healing, doctors discernment, lost one, and growing each of us to be more Christ-like.

Thanks for letting me lead this morning and I always enjoy starting my day with the men of F3,