3 intrepid pax converged on Cedar Falls Park for another Vortex beatdown. Falling on Tuesday – which of the Churham pax designate as a rest day – and being the Northern-most AO, the Vortex tends to be the most sparsely attended of the 7 Chapel Hill/Durham workouts, but those who haven’t posted here are missing out. Check out the reminiscence below, get motivated and we’ll see you out there soon.

(Note: the title refers to the negative chin/pull-ups thrown in to the mix – when done right they are equally excruciating and beneficial).

The Thang:

– Slow Run the permitter of the field
– SSH x 15
– IW x 15
– Arm Circles x 10 each way
– Windmill x 10
– Good Morning x 10
– Mountain Climber x 15
– Slow Merkin x 10

Jog to the playground

Rotate through 3 stations:
– First man: Spot
– Second man: On the bar
– Third man: Irkins x 10/Dips x 10 (flapjack)
Continue until each man has completed 4 sets on the bar, in this order:
– Pull-ups x 10
– Chin-ups x 10
– Negative pull-ups x 5
– Negative chin-ups x 5
(Negative: assisted pull/chin-up to top, then lower as slowly as possible to full extension, repeat)

Jog back to the field

1 minute each (as many reps as possible OYO) of the following:
– Merkins
– Gym Class Sit-Ups (feet held)
– Carolina Dry Docks

Usain Bolts (one man runs length of field, completes 2 burpees and runs back, meanwhile other pax complete as many reps of the exercise the runner calls as possible). Exercises called:
– Mountain Climbers
– Diamond Merkins/Wide-Arm Merkins

– Dying Bug (straight) x 15
– LBC x 20
– Plank-o-Rama (5 count around each Regular-Sarkozy-Regular-Putin-Regular)
– Dying Cockroach (cross elbow-to-knee) x 21



– Several Vortex regulars are traveling this week, we wish you all safe travels and look forward to seeing you back at CFP.
– Tclaps to Brogue for all the hard work, clearly paying off.
– T.I. is co-Q for Rameses tomorrow, excited to see what he has in store.