The pic associated with this post is of a young Yvon Chouinard, legendary mountaineer, fly fisherman, and founder of outdoor clothing company Patagonia. In the early days he supplemented his climbing habit by forging iron into gear that would alter the rock climbing/mountaineering world from that point forward. The gear he made at Chouinard Equipment(later called Black Diamond) promoted clean climbing in which the climber could place protective equipment in rock cracks instead of hammering what were essentially nails into the rock face. He innovated, pushed his body, pushed his mind, and filled a gap with a product that changed the market. He has done the same with Patagonia. He innovated, pushed the market, and has also tried to change the way large companies treat their employees while remaining extremely profitable. In essence, he has never ceased sharpening his iron or the iron of those around him. Today at the Forge, we did a little iron sharpening of our own.

25 PAX joined us for the following beateth downeth

Warmup COP
SSH x 20
Good Morning x 20
Imperial Walker x 20
Std ‘Merican x 20
Nippler x 20

The Thang:

Partner up for lake laps
-With your partner run around the lake, bear crawl both bridges, run back to the carousel for 20 star jumps. This was a race, pushing both our partner and ourselves to the finish.
-Repeato 5 times


Jog to concrete stage
Burpee jump ups OYO x 20
Incline ‘Merican x 20
Decline ‘Merican x 20
Burpee jump ups OYO x 10
Incline ‘Merican x 15

Rosalita x 20
Dolly x 20
‘Merican Hammer x 25
LBC x 30


Great work today. It was humid as hell but we got it done in style. Sign up for USMC Mudrun
by 7/15. New Tuesday workout starting in Apex. New workout starting at Art Museum(Preblast/race format). Prayers for Granny Gear’s co-worker, Countrywide’s friend, and Stella’s friend. Countrywide took us out with a fine nod to the Sky Q. It was an honor to lead you men this morning. Thanks!