Missed our brethren but knew you were posting at the Susan Koman Race.  16 total intrepid Pax posted for a 2 part beatdown.

1st Half Tecumseh.  Warmup light jog around parking lot followed by a not so successful indian run with rice bags.  One line or two?  Didn’t matter we got the warmup part…

SSH*20, Sir Fazio Arm Circles *10 each direction, Burpess*10, Lunge Squats *10

Over to the hill with partner work.  Simple concept, the partner with a rice bag does lunge squat walk and the person without does bear crawl. Start Rice bag at the top of hill and partner at the bottom.  Where they converge they switch rice bag and keep moving in same direction till they reach the top of hill or respective bottom of hill then turn around and repeat.  Converge 3 times and when finished early mary of choice.  This took 15 min straight of continuous work.

2nd Half by Lift Alert.  Recover on the jog up the 6 flights of stairs and towards the tennis courts for some rock fun.  Rock Curls*15, Over head press*15, tricep *15 for 2 cycles.  Then Jack Weber 10 merkins and 1 overhead rock press, 9 merkins and 2 rock presses. etc.

Modified Jacobs Ladder with partner.  1st hill after cresting top 3 rocky burpees and run back to partner meanwhile they do LBC’s.  Flap Jack.  2nd time at hill 2 rocky burpees and partner does WW2 situps.  Last time up hill 1 rocky burpee and partner reverse LBC’s.

Finished with Muhammed Ali*20, High Slow Flutter*10 and 1 Arm Merkins *5 each arm.

COT – Lots of prayer requests.  We grieve the loss of our brother ringworm who was killed in a lake accident recently.  May mercy and peace be upon your loved ones and friends.