This is my first Q and first post. I got a few gripes from the PAX so I will consider the workout a success. Peak Week brought a FNG along. F3 name is Beetlejuice. Nice work guys.

Warm up with jog to amphitheatre
Side strattle hop x 50
Windmill x 15
Sir Fazio Arm circles x (15 both arms)
Mountain climbers x 15
Merkins x 20
Stretch back

Bear crawl to track

String of pearls:

1) double burpies x 10, sprint
2) jump lunges x 15, sprint
3) Leg extension x 10 (each leg), sprint
4) Balls to wall combo with preachers chair (2 sets to 12)

Bear crawl to playground

Push up pyramid; push up and Lbc. to 10

Pull ups to max x 2

Jump up with dips combo to 10