With the rain pouring down on East Campus, Riggs was huddled in his car afraid (hoping?) that no one would show.  Thankfully 2 more Pax rolled in for this morning’s soggy downPAINment.  The poor showing by the usual crew necessitated some adjustment to the schedule, and it was decided that the faithful Pax would make up for their drier brethren by taking not one, but two concrete blocks for the workout.

Mosey on across the street for a triangle of pain…

Arm circles

Mosey on over to the quad, blocks in hand…

Suicides with merkins x 15 and LBCs x 20 in between, repeato
Partner carry down and back, the remaining man does burpees x 5 and speed skaters with a block until the others get back
Wheelbarrow down and back, remaining man does carolina dry docks x 5 and low flutters until others return

Mosey on to the playground…

Pullup/knee-up pyramid 8-6-4-2
Merkin/mountain climber pyramid 8-6-4-2
2 groups, one does box jumps with two blocks in hand, other group does russian hammers until jumpers completed pyramid 10-8-6-4-2

Mosey on back to the quad…

40 yard sprint down and back by one man, other two do exercises, rotate to running one at a time
– Reverse fly with blocks
– Curls (backward run)
– Top shelf (karaoke run)
Two block burpees (that’s burpees holding the blocks the whole time) x 20

Mosey on back for COT



– No time for Mary today, but I think we got enough core training in

– Lucky Strikes opened my eyes to the benefits (or tortures) of running with two blocks.  He must have sensed my inspiration and bailed this morning

– The only thing worse than burpees is burpees while holding two 9 lb concrete blocks in your hands…brutal

– And…drumroll, please…the times for the homework assignment this week (kettle bell swings x 15 each arm and burpees x 15, decrease by one rep each set all the way down to 1):
Lucky Strikes 18 min
Shooter 23 min
Riggs 24 min
WADA is currently testing Lucky Strikes to see if this was legit.  There are some rumors of EPO, HGH, and blood doping that have not been confirmed.  I’m also gonna cut open his kettle bell to see if it was corked.