Posted by Fazio on behalf of Pacman and Caddy

17 Pax showed up in the dreary rain.  Today’s Q’s have a low tolerance for a mixture of cold and rain, so we took the pain to the parking deck for cover.

The Thang:
Caddy, leading us on his virgin Q, jogged us over to the parking deck for some warmups
1) 25 side shuffle hops
2) 24 imperial walkers
3) 25 good mornings
4) 25 windmills
4) 20 mountain climbers
5) 15 standard merkens
On to the funner stuff:
  • CK’s “paint the lines” x 10
  •  full deck level sprint
  • fell deck level lunge walks
  • 50 yard wheelbarrows
  • 15 x 2 staggered merkens
Pacman took the Q
  • 1 minute of pole squat hold, hence known as the “Danica Patrick” (good one Fazio!)
  • 50 calf raises
  • back up the stairs
  • Laddered decline merkins / WW II situps (8/7/6…)
  • Indian run to the bottom deck
  • Carolina Bear run (bear walk/sprint/bear walk/sprint) in heats of 4
Caddy back on the Mary
  • 20 LBCs
  • Roalita and Hello Dolly x 20 each
  • Unnamed elbow to opposite knee 10 x 2
Thanks to Do Re Mi from Charlotte for then closing out by showing Raleigh Pax THE Pepper (x10)  He also closed us out in prayer.
  • Caddy would like for F3 to participate in the June 8th Susan Komen Race for the Cure on June 8th.  Floppy of course said we’d do that and our regular workout.
  • “The Second F” is this Thursday night at P.R.’s.  Drag some recruits out for this being their first experience to the group (so when they come on Saturday, they won’t think we’re completely nuts)
  • Next Saturday is the 1st anniversary of F3 in Raleigh.  Special start time of 6:45.
Caddy / Pacman