“Houston, this is Roanoke Park base, the Eagle has landed…” 

The Thang:

Heavy Metal O-Course

For Time

(Single man obstacle course; launch about 45 seconds apart; remainder of Pax in bullpen of Plank)

1.  Sprint from Corner of Aycock and Greenwood to back stop–Medicine Ball Toss X 3

2. Very Short Sprint to Pull Up Pavillion Dead Hang Pull Ups X 10

3. Sprint across Dock of the Bay to Bench Jumps X 15

4. VSS to Swing Rack.  Lateral Monkey Climb across Swing Rack X 1

5.  Alley Oop hops forth and back over wooden railing X 30 feet

5. SS to Far Corner of Roanoke Park; 5 KB swings–run down and back to basketball court–5 KB swings

6.  SS to corner of Bickett and Fairview–Locked Out Military Press Stationary Lunge with Tree 1 or Tree 2 X 5

7. Sprint up Fairview to corner of Fairview and Aycock–5 Burpees for those in the Fartsack

8.  SS down Aycock to Cherokee–pick up dead-drop El Jefe and run for the border down Cherokee ’round cone and back.  Bullpen of Plank. 

9.  Descend into Fra Mauro Highlands, aka Roanoke Park basin, to recover Lunar Rover, the ‘Bot, Padre Prowler, etc. Push ski sled across park.

10.  Gorilla run back to blue bench and the Plank Bullpen.  Done. 


3 Minutes of Mary led by Carpenter Howard Hughes (WWIIs, Freddy Mercs, Russian Hammers)

That’s all.


  • Goal on Thursday was a mini-Spartan race, with an eye towards Charlotte in the spring. 
  • The star of the show was our own beloved Howard’s wonderful contraption that looks like a post-apocolyptic wheelbarrow retrofitted for the snow.  Pictures to follow.  Howard built a prowler sled based off of a hallucination yours truly had from the 1st minute of a Junction Boys workout in Charlotte almost a year ago…M. Howard rustled up some actual Rossignol skis (1982 vintage) and we have ourselves a sweet ‘bot.  Or prowler.  Or Lunar Rover.  Whatever.  A bag of playground sand and a few cinder blocks aboard and we are in business…Tclaps.  Tclaps.  Tclaps.  Ad infinitum to our man Howard. 
  • A stanley cup-esque “Take the ‘Bot to the Office with You” rotation is in the works.  Speak to Howard. 
  • Great stuff on the name front, too.  Our own Cinderella (FNG) tried to grease the skids (pun intended) with his own nickname during COT.  Rules Committee convened.  You can’t do that.  No one can do that.  Rod Roddy tells’em what he’s won…Cinderella.  Learn it, live it.  Don’t forget it.  It’s the name equivalent of the living room suite on the Showcase Showdown. 
  • Tclaps, too, to our own FNG Gridlock, who powered through a tough first day on the F3 Job.  Come back to us.  You are a warrior. 
  • Speaking of warriors, we’re back to Howard.  Howard hauled the tree up Fairview on the run on Round 2.  Because he can. 
  • Announcements:  F3 Raleigh 1 Year Anniversary.  Saturday, March 2 at 0645.  Pullen Park.  Vive el Efe Tres.  Done by 0800.  Happy Hour Thursday, February 28 at Players Retreat.  We’ll re-live the Dixie Classic fixing scandal.  King David recused. 

That’s about it.