It was a beautiful April morning where eight men braved the full body Crazy Ivan workout. Inspired by Nemo’s excellent Q Thursday.


1/2 mile lap
20 Side straddle hops
10 Fazio Arm Circles Forward/ 10 Fazio Arm Circles Backwards
Cotton Pickers 10 Slow Cadence Count
Good Morning 15 Cadence Count
10 Hillbillies
10 Imperial Walkers

The Thing:

Starting with 5 Turkish Getups per arm we worked ourselves down by one to one Turkish Getups per arm. Before moving onto the next set we sprinted to the middle of the parking lot. Total of 30 Turkish Getups, 15 each arm was performed along with 5 sprints.

Starting with One Rocky (Burpee with Kettlebell). We counted up to five. In between each set we bear crawled three parking spaces and back. Total of 15 Rockies were performed.

We then took the bells for a walk. Started with John Cusack. We then circled up for bent over rows, 10 each arm. We then moved with the bells doing tricep overhead press. We then stopped to circle up and do chest press, 10 each arm. We then walked with the bells and did bicep curls. The next stop we did 20 Halos. Next movement move was lunges with a twist. We then stopped to do 20 kettlebell swings. Then it was pax choice on how they wanted to carry the bell to the next stop. We then did a 20 cadence count of Balls to the Wall. If someone can figure out how to add the kettlebell I’m all ears. Next we John Cusack the bell to the next stop. We did 20 goblet squats and then did tricep presses as we moved to the next stop. Dauber took over as he lead us in his favorite exercise weighted homer to marge. 20 were performed to perfection. We then bicep curled the bells to the starting point. The last exercise was 20 figure eights, which for now on will be known as Steph Curry’s.

We ended with COT and naming FNG Pipe Dream.