Welcome FNG 8bit (2.0) and thanks to all for putting in the work for a slightly disjointed and deceptively challenging post.

Nemo has not been easy to find with a bum knee and a new job keeping him out of the gloom. Today he surfaced to lead a pollen soaked Disney as we pushed through accumulation of the green stuff that rivaled what we saw back in the January snow storms.

We headed out for a w/u jog that took us down the dark trail to the entrance on Optimist Farm for a little change of pace warm up on the mulch including Good Mornings, shoulder/arm/chest, legs r over l, reverse x2.  On the jog all the way to the small upper lot, where YHC thought there was a lost FNG in a parked car (we never checked on the activity taking place, but the car remained). We did a couple rounds of SSH and Moroccan Night Clubs to round out the w/u.

On the jog the long way around, pass the Abyss, back up to the posts at the entrance to starting lot, we did assisted deep squats x10 followed by chill cut hold x20, repeat 3x.

Short step over to the half pipe for some skater action as we did 5 merkins in the middle, each pass, up one side for 10 burpies, back across with stop for 5 merkins, then up other side for 1 squat star jump.  Repeat to reverse the count, plank hold in the middle for the six. Stopped short of full count flip for time.

Another short step to the hill along the lot.  Starting together at the bottom it was a bear crawl to the top, plank hold for the six, then 6 tempo merkins.  Reverse bear crawl down, plank hold for the six, then 6 tempo merkins.  2 rounds.


Circled up for MARY for a couple rapid sets of LBC to Pickle Pounders to Homer to Marge.

Countoff was 18 #HIM

Name-o-rama including FNG 8bit (2.0) who killed it out there today.

Announcements – DB announced the summer 5Q challenge, stay tuned for details, BRR Team is registered – thanks to UTI for stepping up and leading.

Prayer Requests – CrabLegs to have a great vacation with family, Tim who just suffered loss of his wife, praise for some great support for LabRat and Nemo in recent decisions related to jobs, took a silent slow 10 count so we could all think on our unspoken prayers)

YHC took us out in prayer