The parallel is obvious, fear is the mind-killer. We were all waiting to figure out what could do in the pax. As it turns out, turkey, which has less Tryptophan than bananas (News to Floppy), has conquered Flood zone. The usual 30+ dropped to a slim 4 in the wake of the gravy drowned bird. Rumors of diabetes (p: DIE-AH-BEAT-US), food poisoning and the like remain unsubstantiated.

For the unlucky few not to be slain by the festivities, a party awaited. Balmy and ~30 some harder warm up than usual was required. Jog to the rock pile behind the rec center.

PAX grab a rock (a real rock) plank on the rock drop for 5 diamond (rock) merkins, then chuck the rock over your head (tricep press style) and bear crawl back to it. Repeato (for 3/4 the length of the field behind the rec center). SSH 20x, Good mornings 5x, Windmills 10x. Back to your rock duties: keep up the reps until you reach the berm between the field and the playground.

At this point Bullhorn found us and realized he should’ve kept trying to find the folks at late night. 10x rock curl, 20x LBC, 10x overhead press, 20x box cutter, 10x tricep extension, 20x hammer, 10x curl, 20x reverse LBC, 10x overhead press, 15x in/outs, 10x tricep. Jog back to the pile with your rocks and toss them back.

Jog to the playground: Swingset abs- put your feet in the swing and bring your knees to your chest in cadence- 10x, move to picnic tables LR step ups 20x (just making sure the benches weren’t too slick), 50x jump ups OYO, 15x irkins, 10x Swingset abs, 40x Jump ups OYO, 10x irkins.

Jog to the baseball field. Partner carry sprint from the 3rd base line to outfield fence on the opposite side of the field. Flapjack when you reach the far end and return. Partner abs for the pair that isn’t running. Repeato (each pair sprints twice) Then: Full out sprint, same path, one at a time, plank/ boat hold while waiting to sprint. Return- then jog to the parking lot for Mary.

Mary: 15 count around the horn 6′ leg hold.