Keep Moving at the brisk 31 degrees ” The Crick ” workout

The Thang

Short Jog around the backside of  The Crick to get moving.

Circle Up, Warm up

15 x 2 Sir Fazio Arm Circles, 15 Emperial Walkers, 15 Good Mornings, 15 Mountain Climbers, 15 Peter Parkers, 15 Merkins.

Run up the hill to the frosty mountain

5 Air squats at the bottom 7 burpies on top, 5 Air squats, 5 burpies, 5 Air squats 3 burpies, 5 Air squats 1 burpie

Short jog to the planters

15 Irkins planter 1, 15 left right step up planter 2 15 Irkins planter 3, 15 left right step ups planter 3, 15 Irkins planter 4, 15 left right step ups planter 5, 10 Dirkins planter 6, 15 left right step ups planter 7.

To the benches

15 Dips, 15 Dirkins, 15 Dips, 10 Dirkins

Bear Crawl suicide for the missing Kayne.

Crawl to planter 6 and jog back the other side. ( great work here by all)

To the stairs

5 laps around OYO  ( or 6 if you have young legs like Ringwold)

To the Service Station

Climb the rails up and bear crawl under on the way back finish with plank x 2

To the Lot

Shuttle Runs because cones were available

To the court for Mary

Cunningham 25 LBC, Vortex 25 American Hammers, Vanderbeek 25 Merkins, Ringwold 20 plank, The Situation 25 reverse LBC

Prayers go out to all and for those who have upcoming surgery.  Safe travels for our friends and families.