warm up: backwards run up the hill to Lourdes lot.

SSHx20, Imperial Walkersx20, Sir Fazio Arm Circlesx20, Merkinsx20 (low plank in between)

Done – move on

The Thang:

quick feetx20, calf raisesx100(hold at 100), quick feetx20, calf raisesx100 (hold at 100)

pair off for stations – pull ups, dips, merry, box jumps, sprint to line & bear crawl back.  run the stations twice.

run back to lot – hi 5 pushupsx10, horse stance hold then off to the hill

Wendell G favorite – extra long suicides all the way to Anderson and back – burpees at the turns

We had to move to an early merry – Fungo, Maize and Nemo had to bail:  Russion Hammerx25, alternate arm/leg extensions, LBCx20, WWIIx20, Guantanamo twice.  Finished with Name ‘o’ rama.

Those left behind: run to the bridge for 10xmerkins moving to the right, 10x merkins moving to the left.  run to the fence for people’s chair – 5 count across twice.

run back with sprint home at the bench (a Q-Tip favorite)

Merry #2:

boxcuttersx20, Freddy Mercurysx20, Country Wide’s merry of choicex20.

Done and done.

Country Wide finished the morning with a solid prayer.  Great job gents.