4 hardy PAX shook off their tryptophan-induced grogginess to endure the 27 degree briskness at North Cary Park.  Curiously (or not) Burt was not one of them.  At 0545, the 4 of us got down to bidness

The Warmup:
1½ laps around the parking lot. Was going to do an Indian Run, but it seemed kind of pointless with only 4 of us! So we jogged it out. Circle/Square up at the bottom:
Side Shuffle Hops (x20)
Frankensteins (x15)
Merkins (x20)
Apollo Onos (x20)
Fazio Arm Circles (x20) – 10 forward / 10 backward

The Thang:
Sprint to the top of the parking lot, do 20 jumping jack merkins, sprint to the bottom of the lot and do 20 more jumping jack merkins. Plank it out until everyone was done.
Repeat with karaokes and star jumps. Quick Feet when done.
Threepeat with backwards run and squat jacks. LBCs when done.

Mosey to the playground for some Terrible Twenties.  We paired up for moral (and physical) support, then each man did the following:
20 Pull-ups
20 Box/Rock Jumps
20 Burpees
20 WWII Situps
20 Merkins
Little Plank-o-rama when done: regular, right arm up, right leg up, regular, left arm up, left leg up, chill cut with 10 count around the (circle?)

Run to the basketball courts for some murder suicides:
Sprint to end court, do 20 monkey humpers, sprint back. Sprint to far end court, 20 more monkey humpers, sprint back. Chair on the fence when done.
Repeat with 20 flying va-jayjays (aka plank jacks).
Threepeat with 20 lunge jumps
10 pedal kicks left and right

Found a spot on the block wall at the side of the courts for 20 dips

2 minutes left for Mary:
15 LBCs (double count)
10 oblique situps on either side

The wrap-up:
Announcements: Go Pack!
Prayer requests
Ma Bell led us in prayer

Thanks for getting up and putting in the work. It was a pleasure to lead a strong and dedicated (albeit small) group of men!