November 27, 2014.
Thanksgiving Day.
0800 – Ridgewood Turkey Trot
YHC is Co-Q.

0433.  Check clock to find it’s well before any ordinary F3 workout.  Pre-Q jitters for sure.  Roll back over.
0715.  Time YHC informed select PAX of F3 to depart from YHC’s house.
0723.  YHC is lovingly awakened by MTony Robbins announcing he overslept.
In one fluid motion, YHC springs from bed, snatches running gear (glad it was laid out night                before), brushes teeth, and bolts downstairs to find Swirly, Grillz, and Daisy patiently waiting              for YHC to get around to waking up.

0745.  Blenheim clown car arrives at Ridgewood Turkey Trot only five minutes later than originally planned.  #allbluelightsonraceroute

The PAX of 16+ assembled around the SECU ATM for hellos, scanning the crowd for the stroller pushers to no avail.  We made our way to the starting line, most of us in the 7-9 minute per mile range, and stood among the masses who were wearing turkey and pilgrim hats.  With the sound of the starting horn, a Raleigh tradition of fun and fellowship was underway.

We ran in groups according to pace focusing on the finish.  Plenty of mumblechatter along the way.  After crossing the finish line, we gathered to welcome our brothers, grab a banana or orange, and chart the day.

Take away from Ridgewood Turkey Trot 2014 aside from setting my alarm next year?  If any of the PAX have to push a stroller, form four-man teams and do an indian run, rotating on who pushes the stroller.  #meanmeanstride

Upon reflection, YHC is mighty grateful for good health, great friends and family, the opportunity to push one another, and the encouraging banter among the PAX.  Enjoy your Thanksgiving men and thank you for all you each do for one another and the leadership you demonstrate in our community.  See you in the gloom.  And yes, I’ve already set my alarm.

1. Black Friday – November 28 – Flood Zone at Laurel Hills at 6:30am / Late Night starts at 6:00 am / No Wolf Run or Juggernaut
2. F3 Connect on December 3 at Mia Francesca 11:30 – 1:00 pm
3. F3 Bowling next Thursday, December 4 at The Alley, 7pm
4. Christmas Party will be held at Tyler’s Taproom, December 22nd 7-10pm. Invitations will be emailed this weekend.