Shubee – A tourist who buys surfing gear, dresses surf, but has never surfed in their life.

36 PAX appeared in the gloom for a pre-feast workout without Raleigh’s favorite site Q, Shaggy. Luckily, Scooby Doo’s nephew, Scrappy Doo was visiting from Charlotte representing the “family.” Johnny Utah took the lead…

Welcome to Dawn Patrol. Happy Thanksgiving.

(Insert Johnny Utah motivational speech here)


SSH x 30
Merkins x 20
Imperial walkers x 20
LBCs x 20
Good morning x 20

The Thang

Time for some Sandbaggary…

Partner up, run the DP trail and pick up a sandbag.

Run with partner and sandbag to lower corner of park.

Half PAX on one side of Glen Eden Road half on the other. Sprint with partner and sandbag to Edwards Mill Road intersection.

One partner does Sandbag squats AMRAP the other Merkins AMRAP until all PAX finish.

Run sandbag to back to bottom of hill. Plank until all PAX finish.

Rinse and repeat

Costco takes the lead…

Run back to soccer field for The LNMC* smoke-show.


Partner runs the length of the field with sandbag and performs an exercise while the other partner stays put for another exercise.

1. Sandbag 25 American Hammers / Burpees
2. Sandbag 25 Burpees / Carolina Dry Docks
3. Sandbag 25 Curls / Merkins
4. Sandbag 25 Squats / Prisoner Squats

Partners run the loop dropping off the sand bag and return to parking lot for Mary

6 Inch Leg Hold – each PAX counted to 10 for a total of 6 minutes.

1. F3 Bowlarama next Thursday, December 4 at The Alley, 7pm
2. Christmas Party will be held at Tyler’s Taproom, December 22nd 7-10pm. Invitations will be emailed this weekend.
3. Flood Zone is moving to Laurel Hills on Black Friday, 6:30am
4. Late Night will start at 6am.

Steroid lead the PAX in prayer #BOM

*(little to no mumble chatter)