Announcement: We will be moving the trail run to Tuesdays in 2 weeks (Oct 23rd) as we are switching some workouts around for better planning.

Our Raleigh Trail Run moved locations in August due to lighting conditions and our new location is safer yet just as dark.  Today 4 brave souls continued their work to become super human and only achieved a regular run instead of a chance to run blindly with no light.  Nobody brought a headlamp or a flashlight and there was adequate cloud coverage to block any moonlight.  For some reason today we could actually see the trail, we can only attribute that to the leaves falling off the trees.  Aye!

52 degrees, light wind and an empty trail paved the way for a strong run with great fellowship along the way.  We had an FNG post and keep up with our pace.  We all finished together right at the 23:00 mark (+- 5 seconds) otherwise known as a 7:56 pace for the 2.9 miles.  This was our fastest overall time for the run.

After the run we pulled out a good workout:

SSH x10
Imperial Walkers x10
210 yard (.12 mile) on the bridge:
backwards run
Leg stretch on the Bridge railing
High plank x20
Sarkozy x21
Putin x21
Merkins x15
LBC x20
Rosalita x20
Staggered Merkins x30 (15 each)
45 count Chilkut hold

tclaps to Riggs (FNG) for posting and keeping up with the pace.  We had a difficult time coming up with a name, but this is one to stick.
tclaps to Fazio and Maize for rolling in a few items in our mix-o-rama
Riggs posted today after hearing about F3 on a recent vacation.  Come to find out he works with Conroy and MConroy, such a small world.
Despite our lower posting of numbers (we attribute this to the lighting conditions), Lake Johnson serves a great purpose for a run.  It is short enough that non runners can complete it, there are hills to challenge you if you are looking for a challenge and most importantly there is a good source of parking and areas for working out post run.  Our concern with the lighting might not be an issue once the leaves fall (and after Nov. 3rd when we switch our clocks).