King David has the lead on a coldish morning in the Neuse River Basin…18 Pax in Tow….

Drafted by King David–Posted by Money Hose…

The Thang:
Run to House of Dogs:
Imperial Walkers
Good Mornings
Run to upper field:
Run length of 100 yard field, stopping every 5 yards for a burpee
Balls to Wall (10 count)
70 yard shuttle (5 yds back, 10 yds back, 15 yds back, 5 yds back)
repeat both 2 more times.
Run to Amphitheater/Stone Circle, partner up:
Partner 1 in the hole for 10 merkins then run up to tag partner 2, who is doing continuous dips on upper wall, swap.  Proceed with a round with diamond merkins and a round with wide merkins. x 2
Same drill, partner 1 doing continuous squat hold in the hole, while partner 2 does 10 jump ups on wall.  Proceed with a round with alternating step ups on wall and a round with calf raises.
Run to House of Cats:
Half Pax peoples chair on House of Cats while other half sprints to hill, runs to bottom of hill and back up to House of Cats, switch.  x 3.
6 Minutes of Mary:
LBCs, high slow flutter, hello dolly, WWI sit ups, crotch sweats.  Low plank hold around the world for five counts.

 The Moleksin:
The Pax was accompanied by a silent picture taking lady who we were unable to shake despite many twists and turns through the gloom.  Exciting news today was the possible relabeling of the stone circle as “the hole”.  Very appropriate during partner merkin, dip, squat, jump up burnouts.  More good fun with use of the new lines on the upper field, courtesy BHS marching band.